The Vagenda

A Fond Farewell

Dear Vagenda Readers,

We have some rather sad news regarding a founding member of our team. Unfortunately, due to a conflict of interest arising from her media job, she is having to relinquish her role as part of the Vagenda collective. She is sad to be going but says she loves her job too much to stay on with us. Furthermore, she is concerned that her position might result in her influencing or compromising the Vagenda’s editorial content. We have established what we regard as a bit of a boundary-pusher, and she would like to quietly withdraw into the wings and allow the remaining members of the collective to continue the magazine in the spirit in which it was engendered.

Thanx 4 the lolz babez- God bless you and all who sail in you! 

And now…we beat on like boats against the current…