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Dear Team Breezy

Dear Team Breezy, if a boy punches you in the face, it doesn’t actually mean he likes you.

Dear Team Breezy

Just thought I should write a quick letter to clear up any confusion surrounding you, the Chris Brown fan club and your colourful reactions to your hero’s evidently welcome return to the Grammys earlier this week.

I’m sure you all know the story by now, but just in case you’ve repressed the memory and need a recap: the night of the 2009 Grammys, your favourite performer Chris Brown was found guilty of assaulting his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. By ‘assault’ we’re talking split lip, bloody nose and bite marks on her body according to the police records. Bite. Marks. In light of these charges Chris Brown was dropped by many sponsors, sentenced to a year community service, given a restraining order and ‘made’ to attend a year of anger management type courses. I’m sure you sobbed into your pillow every night.

But good news at last over in Camp Breezy – fast forward to the 54th Grammy award ceremony, a mere three years later and there is Chris Brown returning to the stage like the conquering hero, even picking up the best album award for his latest contribution of pop dirge, F.A.M.E. As you will undoubtedly know F.A.M.E stands for ‘Forgiving All My Enemies’; these enemies assumingly being any rational person who has voiced anger regarding Chris Brown hospitalising his girlfriend. Usher for example. Remember how you all rallied together and criticised him relentlessly because he thought Chris should ‘have a little bit of remorse’ about the incident that the man was actually forced to make a public apology? And how dare he pass judgement? Who on earth did Usher think he was, assuming that someone recently found guilty of domestic abuse should actually feel remorse for their misdemeanours?

Chris Brown performing at the Grammys to a shower of glory may possibly have sat uncomfortably in the mind of anyone who has fully functioning cerebral cortex, but God bless you Team Breezy, bless you and your twitter accounts. During those magical appearances on the stage you tweeted your blind dedication and appreciation for your chosen idol, many deciding that domestic abuse is actually A.OK!. “I’d let Chris Brown beat me up ;) #womanbeater” declared one infatuated fan, whilst another announced “okay not going to lie, I’d let Chris Brown beat the eff out of me” and my personal favourite “I don’t know why Rihanna complained. Chris Brown could beat me anytime he wanted to”.

Which brings me to the heart of my concern. You see sadly Team Breezy, I think you’re a little bit confused as to quite what’s happened here. I don’t blame you, as we’ve all been told from a very young age that when a boy bullies a girl it’s not because he’s a nasty piece of work, but because he likes you. In reality however, regardless of whatever some ridiculous person told you when you were small, the boy grinding sand into your eye or pulling your hair or calling you names didn’t actually like you, he was just a brat. The same applies for adult life and so, if a man beats the hell out of you, it isn’t actually ever a sign of affection. This even holds true regardless of how famous, attractive or wealthy he is. If he actually fancied you he’d buy you cake or endure watching Dirty Dancing or laugh at your appalling jokes, not punch you in the face. Domestic abuse is not about loving someone too much, but about wanting to control them and what better way to control someone than to frighten them into submission.

And surely, Team Breezy, you were taught at school that it’s never right to hit anyone? If you punched someone in the face you’d probably get in a lot of trouble, the police may get involved and your peers would deem you mental. Well again this rule does not change just because you are rich, reasonably talented and considered attractive. Chris Brown is bigger than Rihanna, more powerful and physically stronger (that’s biology for you) which is why what he did is inexcusable. He lost his temper and decided to deal with the situation, not by walking away or having a rational discussion, but by shutting up his girlfriend using his fists and teeth. Let’s just think about that for a second there, his fists. And his teeth.

Finally Team Breezy, you seem to have mixed up ‘complaining’ with having self respect. I don’t think Rihanna was complaining as such when she gave evidence against Chris Brown, but was in fact making a point that what he had done to her was, in no possible capacity, okay. You seem to be of the opinion that Chris Brown is actually the victim here, having to lay low for a while and endure bad press whilst Rihanna whined away about him beating her up. Seriously, what a bitch she is. However, Chris Brown is an adult and knew exactly what he was doing at the time, which very much makes him the bad guy in this whole situation.

According to the charity Refuge’s website, 1 in 9 women are victims of domestic abuse every year, yet in the UK only 35% of domestic violence incidents are reported to the police, making the fact that Rihanna came forward a brave move and one that could hopefully inspire other women in a similar situation to do the same and escape abusive partners.

So I hope that’s cleared everything up now Team Breezy. I was really worried for a moment there that woman’s rights had crashed back about 1000 years and that young women were actually offering to get their faces beaten in by a man just because he’s attractive. Probably a total over reaction on my part though as nobody could be that silly or lack that much self respect, right?

Yours sincerely

Fliss Quick