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In keeping with Peta’s flawless advertising logic, we thought we’d retaliate with some campaigns of our own.


One thought on “FOR PETA’S SAKE

  1. Hmm, not one bit happy about this.
    I’d describe myself as a feminist, and I’m also a vegetarian of 18 years. I don’t agree with PETA using porn to deliver the message of how we should respect all beings. There is clearly some messed up logic there.
    But being feminist and caring about the welfare of other animal species should not be mutually exclusive. On the contrary, I see them as complimentary ways of thinking and being; they are both the dismissal of historically engraved arbitrary expressions of superiority. Animals do not exist for us to exploit in terms of their flesh and their skins, just as women do not exist to be exploited in sexual and domestic terms.
    Fur in entirely unacceptable.
    Please watch this video, it shows practices in one of many unregulated fur factories in China; where the majority of fur items are produced (as with everything else).