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The Daily Mail and "Curvy" Women

We’re used to The Daily Fail using ‘curvy’ to snidely poke fun at women who have gained weight, in the same way that we’re used to delays on the tube, and Jedward.

The Vagenda imagines that hell will freeze over before the Fail stop documenting Sonia from Eastenders’ fluctuating weight and accompanying fitness DVDs. We only launched yesterday, so we’re not ready to take on that megalosaurus of a problem. Instead, we’re aiming a speedy WTF at their use of ‘curvy’ to talk about pregnant women.

THEY ARE HAVING A CHILD. Having a child = a convex stomach, oddly enough, because you have a HUMAN, growing, INSIDE OF YOU.

Here’s Kourtney Kardashian (the one that’s not Kim) on her jollies in Mexico:

And here is Chantelle Houghton, plucked from the arsehole of reality television and paired off with Jordan’s ex:

Scary Spice, Mel B, and her pregnancy curves:

Myleene Klass, and, oh, you get the picture…

Can we just get rid of the word curves completely? It’s used by the press to call women fat; it is used by the press to imply a woman has an eating disorder when she ‘loses’ them. Anyone got a problem with this totally fucked-up simultaneous usage? We wouldn’t call a guy curvy if he gained weight, because curvy, if used at all, should just mean that the woman has boobs and a bottom, and last time I checked, most of us had those, plastic or otherwise.