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Why is the Sun’s anti-rape campaign not on Page 3?

STOP RAPE NOW! shouts The Sun, in the same way that it’s usually shouting about PSYCHOS and DEADLIER DEATHS.

They’re doing it solely for the advertising revenue, of course. Nothing gets those clicking fingers going more than a good rape story!

How do we know that their motives are not of a more noble nature, and why does this matter? Because they mention the campaign in the bloody women’s section of the newspaper (you know, the bit they produce so that we don’t have to look at the Page 3 girls and get tit envy).

Here’s the thing. I think we already know rape is a huge problem, and whilst raising awareness of it is still very important, it’s not just women who need to have their attentions piqued.

I’m pretty sure very few men read the women’s section of The Sun. And I’m sure that very few men are rapists. So odds of an actual rapist reading The Sun and deciding, actually, that doing anymore raping is a below par option is about as likely as News In Briefs actually being written by Kylie, 18, from Dagenham.

The Sun isn’t attempting to raise the issue of rape with men. As usual, rape is purely a woman’s concern. They have a petition, which reads: “We the undersigned want a 24-hour helpline for rape victims and more special centres which victims can attend after attacks.”

Of course, of course both these things are important. Here’s a thought though, Sunshine, maybe target the MEN a bit more. There should be MEN on those anti-rape campaign posters, because they are statistically way more likely to be DOING THE RAPING.

For too long have women been laden with the problem of ‘fixing’ rape. Whether that’s through suggesting that if a girl wears a short skirt she is asking to be pinned down in an alley or by her boyfriend at home and made to have sex when she doesn’t want to, or via the various media campaigns that depict crying women (CR stock photos of women looking remorseful after sex). If a girl walks home through quiet streets late at night, she’s arguably foolish, but rather than telling her not to do that, how about telling the man to NOT DO ANY RAPING?

There needs to be victim support, that much is obvious, and it needs to be better than it is now. But the press might consider aiming anti-rape stuff at men, in the section next to the photos of the naked girls, maybe.

4 thoughts on “Why is the Sun’s anti-rape campaign not on Page 3?

  1. Meh. This ad is at least as dehumanizing as page three. Are men so incapable of seeing women as human beings that they’ll respond to a traffic sign better than considering that they might be ruining someone’s life? Maybe this is what the Sun editors see when they look at women – a disembodied vagina with either ‘access granted’ or ‘access denied’.