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We are really happy to have taken part in the Marie Claire South Africa cover challenge. Above is the cover we chose- featuring the awesome Shingai Shoniwa. In our proposal, we were clear that we wanted more black women represented in fashion mags, more investigative journalism, and more debate and commentary. Looks like we got it. You can vote for us, and take a look at the other entries, here. Big thanks to Zanele at Marie Claire South Africa, who was fun to work with and very tolerant of our somewhat haphazard to-ing and fro-ing. 
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3 thoughts on “Covergirls

  1. Fantastic! If I could re-invent the magazine industry… this is what I would want it to look like.

    (Please can you take over Cosmo, Glamour, Company, Marie-Clare, Vogue, Elle etc for real because I no longer buy them – I read this instead – but it would be so cool if that magazine existed for real).