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Sexton’s Shoddy Standards

Just in case you thought a woman wearing a peach dress with no sleeves on telly was even too pointless a news story for the Daily Fail these days, The Evening Standard has come to spit on your shoes, give you a kick, and remind you the patriarchy is still in full swing.
Yesterday, foolishly turning to the news section and expecting, er, news, I was confronted with a pointless sexist ‘oi oi darling’ style comment piece about BBC Breakfast’s new co-host Susanna Reid. Here are some choice quotes:
“This morning Reid turned up in a peachy-coloured, short, near-sleeveless,
tightly-fitted dress”
She’s a bit of a wriggler and you’re aware of her bare arms all the time…”
The fact is that Reid, 41, mother of three, is not just naturally great-looking,
she’s quite supernaturally perky…”
She nods sagely when the news is bad…pouts and raises her eyebrows
when it’s null…and grins hugely when things get cute…”
You cannot extrapolate your own case of dancing trousers to the entirety of London, David Sexton. Maybe some of us were watching her and thinking about THE NEWS.
Note to David Sexton: I am posting you a dictionary so you can look the fuck up what ‘news’ means.
Venerable journalist and defender of the truth Sexton takes up 211 words of his 288 word article having a right LOL at Reid. The real story, the fact that the Beeb has ballsed  up monumentally by moving to Salford because its staff and guests are all commuting from London takes up 50 words.
Quick BBC, ship her the fuck off to Babestation before she can cause a sexual revolution with her wriggling, perkiness and SHORT SLEEVES.

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