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The G-Spot Diaries

Another week, another bit of G-spot news. Does it exist? Doesn’t it? Are you a Richard Dawkins or an Archbishop of Canterbury (Cuntebury?) The debate, which alarmingly seems to be dominated by sciency white men, is somewhat wearing, so we decided to just ask some real women. Hence the G-Spot diaries, part one…

“I bet I can do it- I’ll find the fucker… Just pass me your vibrator.”
That’s where this story starts. Me, naked on my back, legs akimbo. My then boyfriend on his knees in front of me, peering into the depths of my vagina. I wasn’t drunk. At all. He was on a par with most characters in Hunter. S. Thompson’s novels. I was shaking my head and staring at the ceiling thinking of ways to get out of the impending embarrassment. His embarrassment- not mine. I have no shame when I have a man between my legs.
Let me fill you in on why this story started in the first place. The boyfriend and I had been out at a bar with some friends and I had (in front of everyone) admitted to having never had an orgasm with a cock before. I didn’t see this revelation in any way damaging. All the girls there were all nodding in agreement but the men were all looking at my boyfriend like he had asked them what football was.
Self-diagnosing himself with a shattered ego, the boyfriend proceeded to inform me that I obviously didn’t have a G-spot. I corrected him (I am a horrible person) and said, “No, no- you obviously just don’t know where it is.” So now you know why he was drunk and what “the fucker” is.
Back to me on my back.
So I lent towards my bedside table and took out my vibrator with a tremendous sigh and handed it to him. He had now started to sway in front of me. He held up my vibrator, examining it like it was a screwdriver. He then said, “Right” like a first-time gynecologist and lent towards me as he started jabbing my thigh. With my vibrator.
Still lying on my back, I ran a hand through my hair. “This isn’t working…” I am so thankful to hear him say. I sit up but just as I am about to speak he continues “…it doesn’t work, its not moving”. I wince at the word “moving”- ‘its not a worm’ I think as I turn it on and collapse back to my horizontal position of shame.
For as long as I can take, I let my drunken boyfriend jab my thigh and lower stomach. I didn’t even bother to make courteous enjoyment noises, which he didn’t seem to even notice. He sporadically said things like, “mmm you like that don’t you” which I found disturbing as I was totally mute during the whole ‘stabbing’ episode.
Eventually I gave in and guided my own vibrator inside my vagina. Normal procedure of-course but I had never felt so cold towards my favorite implement of pleasure before. I was about as wet for it as the Sahara in July. ‘Surely he can work out the rest’ I thought to myself. Alas not. He started to dig my vibrator around my cervix as though he was looking for a lost sock under a bed. He kept saying, “urm, is that…” and “hmmm, there? No…?”
Eventually he seemed to find what he was ‘looking for’ as he nudged me one last time before just leaving my vibrator inside me, whirring around obediently. He then sat up. My eyes darted around the ceiling while I frowned, waiting for something to happen. Nothing did. I threw out a, “everything alright?” to the room. He replied, “I’m waiting.”
I was genuinely perplexed by this reply. I pulled my head up from the pillow to see what he is doing down there. He was just sitting crossed legged in front of my open legs, hands on his hips, still swaying. “What are you waiting for?” I ask him, a little annoyed now. He seemed confused by this and pointed at the vibrator in my vagina, “Well I found it…Your G-Spot…its there.” Total silence from me. If he had found anything it’s more likely to be my ovaries. Where the vibrator was resting was giving me was the same feeling as when I had had my last ovarian ultra sound. I muttered, “I know where my G-spot is and its not there…” He interrupted me by slurring out, “Its your turn now…so do it.” I sighed, “You want me to cum? Are you being serious?” He half shrugged before pointing at my vagina again- as if I hadn’t noticed what was going on- as if I wasn’t aware of what a talented explorer he had become. A talented moron more like.
At this point my vibrator was as tired as I was as its batteries had started giving out. I lay back down and quickly decided that the only way to end the whole scenario immediately was to moan and writhe as good old Meg Ryan has taught us all.
Into the second octave of my orgasm recital (I have been known to use up to 4 octaves depending on which rendition of ‘fake’ I am going for) I heard snoring. I sat up to see the boyfriend, still in seated position, with his head against the wall, fast asleep. And that is where I left him. I took the duvet and slept on the sofa, which obviously perplexed him immensely by the time he woke up. What confused him most was apparently waking up to my vibrator leaning against his inner thigh.
Waking up to this scene- me not in my own bed, him with a vibrator for a duvet- meant he conjured up his own story in which he believed that he had drunkenly tried to use my vibrator on himself to night before, which had freaked me out enough to go sleep on the sofa. I never had the heart to tell him the truth. Plus I enjoyed him ‘making it up to me’ far better than my vibrator had the night before.
He never did find my G-Spot though…
- Nathalie

10 thoughts on “The G-Spot Diaries

  1. God, how sad, funny and… familiar. The way men seem to shove various objects up one’s ladyparts as if they’re down a goldmine, it’s so disappointing.

  2. I’m not sure I understand how you could ever have given any time to someone so utterly clueless :( The story seems to me more tragic than amusing.

    I must confess to considerable surprise when I read that many women never achieve orgasm during penetration in Lou Paget’s “Orgasms: How to Have Them…” as all the women I’ve slept with have, in circumstances where there was no need for dissembling, as I’d have been equally happy to attend to them in any other way :)

  3. men always say their girlfriends have but women always say they haven’t.. unless there’s just a few girls sleeping with ALL the guys and having ALL the vaginal orgasms then someone’s being lied to!

  4. Agreed! What’s a man supposed to do if his sexual partner is telling him she is satisfied? Obviously, the same thing he’s been doing, since it is working. Being sexually involved with my husband for three years now, I still sometimes have a hard time expressing that something he’s doing down there isn’t having the desired effect.

    Is it common for women to feel uncomfortable speaking up when a technique isn’t working? Does this have anything to do with that silly ‘snowflake ego’ theory? I’m getting much better about being totally honest, and I do make a point of saying that what gets me off and what doesn’t doesn’t always make sense to me, either. It seems to be some complicated, albeit awesome, machinery down there…

  5. personally I’d be deeply gutted to learn I’d been doing the wrong thing due to misleading responses and would welcome some helpful guidance rather than being offended by it!

  6. I’m happy to say I have, albeit not particularly regularly, experienced sexgasms.
    However I have also, on the odd occasion, given a hardworking man the impression his hard work has paid off when he was doing pretty well and I thought he deserved it..

  7. It seems I’m unusual in that I’ve never had a problem having orgasms from penetration. I do have a very thoughtful boyfriend though, who gets more out of my orgasms than I do a lot of the time!

  8. I would say that many women experience clitoral orgasms at the same time as having penetrative sex, so it’s likely they are orgasming but not necessarily via the g-spot. As long as you’re both having a nice time, I shouldn’t worry!

  9. I am really curious about how many women really find and experience G spot in their lifetime. I asked some of my friends and only 2 out of 13 or 14 told they KNOW they have it… not that much!