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Evolutionary Psychologist is Sub-human Slime-Newt

In response to her not shaving piece (originally here and now also here) Emer got one really creepy e-mail from an evolutionary psychologist called Michael Cust (think the ‘S’ is a typo.) Here it is, in full:
So I did what all single girls in London do and had ALL the boyfriends.”

Or why you’ll never marry and die with cats. (Studies show that women with more pre-marriage partners are more likely to cheat and divorce in keeping with men’s evolved aversion to promiscuity.)

Were I still in London, I’d fool around with you. I like artsy girls and pubic hair, but because I’m not, I’m writing to let you know that I’d never seriously commit to you and I suspect most men you’ve banged won’t either.


14 thoughts on “Evolutionary Psychologist is Sub-human Slime-Newt

  1. Wow, what a charmer. As a single London lady I am distraught that “Michael” is no longer living in our capital *weeps uncontrollably*.

  2. I just threw up in my mouth.

    I considered spitting it at a passing evolutionary psychologist, but thought that might be construed as some sort of mating call.

  3. Why do so many people enjoy telling people they don’t know that they don’t fancy them/won’t sleep with them/won’t have a relationship with them? Do they actually think we care?

  4. You could keep notes of this nature in a box called: *OFFICIALLY WITHDRAW CONSENT FOREVER FROM YOUR STINKY WHORE PARTS* then be safe in the knowledge that all other people are not douches and thus safe to put near your vagina.

  5. What a creepy email. Talk about double standards. So it’s fine for him to have partners before marriage, but not for women? Sheesh.

  6. No, no Hannah, you don’t understand. Men have evolved to hate sluts. It’s not sexism; It’s science.

  7. Nothing wrong with being sexually experienced, man or woman. Okay, if you’re a cinderella mad focussed on settling down with a picket fence then maybe, just maybe. Otherwise bollocks to that guy. Evolutionary? Not very evolved at all really. A dinosaur.

  8. Just out of curiosity, who are all these straight men ‘fooling around’ with, if not a woman who will very likely become one of the huge amount of women that will be married one day?

  9. Most of my married friends are highly sexually experienced. “Evolutionary Psychology” should need evidence not just try to use science illogically to back up one man’s belief in how he thinks society should be.