The Vagenda

The International Economic Crisis

…as explained by Kat’s Grandpa



My granddad loves to discuss politics, as in he loves to lecture all of us on what is really wrong with todays youth, immigrants, women and other underclass people.
Today I was lucky enough to be the only grandchild visiting, so got his full attention = 10 hours of non-stop left-bashing. Oh, well, I humour the old man and practice in advance so I can be ready to serve him such delicacies as “But, grandpa, Bolshevism really is the only way!”.
Anyway today it really paid out, since I got this gem of a conversation out of it (here’s to hoping nothing is lost in translation):
Grandpa: “Women really shouldn’t be in politics”
Kat: “Really? But I think we have a lot of skilled women in Danish politics”
Grandpa: “The heart of the matter is that no-one can respect a prime-minister with long hair, that’s why Denmark is in such an economic crisis”
Kat: “But the rest of Europe is also in a crisis, and most other countries have male heads of state”
Grandpa: “But not Germany, they are doing great because they are a hardworking and highly industrious people”
Kat: “But Grandpa, Germany has a female chancellor”
Grandpa: “Yes, but at least she does her best to look like a man”
International politics explained by Kat’s grandpa, who can argue with that?