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Let’s Do Some Role Reversals Shall We?

So, GQ’s man of the year (and token woman) covers are out. Notice any gender imbalance, ladies?




Yep, that’s right. Only the woman is naked. 
My, don’t the gents look dapper in their suits? Which is why, when New Statesman editor Helen Lewis suggested that someone have a little fun on Photoshop to expose the ridiculousness of the naked pose, we thought we’d have a crack. Here are the results:



Plus, who else thinks Lana would look awesome in a suit?


9 thoughts on “Let’s Do Some Role Reversals Shall We?

  1. Yeah, fuck you, GQ. Also, I second M Rose up there. I love the Vagenda. You guys cheer me up when patriarchy, anti-feminist arrogance, rape culture and all that crap get me down.

  2. I think Lana is stunning but she just looks so vulnerable in that photo, and this is accentuated when you think of the men sat naked in that position. It just follows the same sad pattern seen in the media everywhere of men being portrayed as powerful and women as sex objects for the pleasure of those men, *sigh*.

  3. We’ve looked good in suits since forever! =) Case in point: Marlene Dietritch, Janelle Monae. I wonder what Lana del Rey herself thought about the discrepancy in GQ’s covers..