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We thought this Wifestyle bollocks had died a death by now, but judging by this media request sent by one of our moles, it looks as though it’s still got a while to go before rigor mortis sets in. Sometimes we think that we should recruit a crack team of kamikaze feminists to volunteer for these pieces and then destroy them from within. Any takers? You’ll not only get a fee but, if it’s the Mail, a jewel coloured satin dress with matching heels of your choice. Go on, you know you want to…

10 thoughts on “gashtagjournorequest

  1. Hmm. I have been both a good wife and a bad wife. I have no intention of being any sort of wife ever again. However, I will consider relinquishing my (im)moral(?) high ground in exchange for finding out why they think Andy Murray is a Model Wife. Oh, and who the hell is Kim Sears?

  2. Excuse me whilst I vomit violently.

    I’m sure they’re looking for some lively debate on this one, but frankly all it will do is improve my sex life, because it bores the pants off me.

  3. Well, that seems to be clearing up any confusion on the wife front. I must inform my husband-to-be that I will be abandoning my personality and career in order to become miserable and iron his pants the second we tie the knot. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled.


    Intrigued by Andy Murray though…