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Stock Photos of Scantily Clad Skinny Women Standing on the Bathroom Scales Looking Sad

I was reminded of this one’s ubiquity as I came across the first image on the Mail website the other day. Stock photos of scantily clad skinny women standing on the bathroom scales looking sad are probably my least favourite stock photo cliches of all time. Yep, even more than jealous bridesmaids and post-sex remorse. The woman are invariably a.) thin, and b.) either looking bummed out or like ‘what the fuck?’ Enough. Can we have a moratorium on these pictures like, now? 




























(although this lady is more angry than sad, I had to include it for obvious reasons)
(likewise- what the hell is going on here?)
I thought it best to end on a positive note. According to the stock photo website, the title of this picture is ‘Accomplishment.’ I’ll leave you with that thought. 

6 thoughts on “Stock Photos of Scantily Clad Skinny Women Standing on the Bathroom Scales Looking Sad

  1. You know how Anonymous sometimes hack websites they disagree with (or just because they are bored) and put random images up… Can’t someone do the same with this sort of thing? So replace all these pictures with, cats, or replace all the pictures of “women laughing and eating salad” with women laughing and eating steak, or drinking beer, or watching rugby… That would make my day…

  2. I like to imagine the 2 happy women have just agreed to quit dieting and break out a 6 pack and some doughnuts to celebrate their newly formed relationship…

  3. Hee hee, yeah, I liked the two women on the scales dancing. I agree with Lindsey’s idea … and I like to think that one of them was weighing herself and the other one said “You know, you look great … and you’re healthy … and I love you …” and then she leaps onto the scale with her.

  4. One small advantage, thanks to picture no. 2 I now know for sure what see-through undies look like on a fully foliated lady garden (models always wear a neutral g-string under them in the catalogues)…

    I have an awful feeling that in the penultimate photo the two women aren’t so overwhelmed with sapphic joy that they have put their coupling on the world’s lowest pedestal (that doubles as a scale). I suspect instead that they are meant to be mother/daughter, presumably enjoining the joint successes of a woman who has given birth looking all of 25 years (that the model almost certainly is)despite having a teen daughter, who she has also successfully bread and conditioned to be equally acceptable to the world. I hope I am wrong.