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Disney Does Periods

Did you know that Disney made a video about periods in 1946? Nope, me neither. Apparently some girls have a ‘little less pep’ around their time of the month. 

Hold on to your velvety uteruses (uteri?), ladies, you’re in for quite a ride. 

13 thoughts on “Disney Does Periods

  1. So glad my mum spent 2 minutes explaining this instead of watching this crap. Did anyone see she’s wearing a shower cap whilst bathing? Clearly your period makes you do stupid things like that.
    Also keep your posture straight whilst on your period, don’t worry about those aching backs that might make it a problem.
    Oh and those slight twinges and touch of nerves, really so much help to me when I have to take 2 days off every month to do with those rather more major side effects…

  2. slight pressure, bit of a twinge, agonizing gut-wrenching cramp, it’s all relative eh?

    As long as you occasionally do some light bending over exercises, stop “feeling sorry for yourself” and don’t have too much fun dancing with a man then you’ll be fine.

    I’ve been doing it ALL wrong!

  3. I thought that was really informative in a non-scary way, if I were 11 again I would appreciate the info. I’m surprised it was so matter-of-fact for 1946.
    And I have to agree – trying to make yourself feel good during ‘that’ week does make a difference.
    Well done Disney! (Never thought I’d hear myself say that!)

  4. Agree. And I was saddened watching it as in some respects, we seem to have lost ground. They show teenage girls reading! And studying! Like it’s natural and all that!

  5. Actually I didn’t think that was too bad. It was matter of fact, and non-scary. To be fair – yes some of us do have absolutely horrendous pain (my personal favourite is when you pass out under the desk at work – so professional) but plenty of women don’t, and is it really worth scaring girls silly by saying it’s going to be agony? Especially given that there was no contraceptive pill back then to help ease things, and I doubt that the choice of painkillers would have been as wide either. For the time when it was made, I think it’s ok.

  6. Do you know, I thought it was pretty good actually! Yes, a little bit old-fashioned of course, but informative and as Hannah pointed out, non-scary. (yes I do suffer from horrible pain myself, but no need to frighten teenagers!) I like that they insist on it being a natural part of the cycle of life – girls shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed of it.
    I have a 9-year old stepdaughter, and I’ll be showing her that when the time comes (methinks soon)
    And I too think it’s great they show girls reading and riding bikes and horses!

  7. Love the normal routine of a girl, boobs jiggling wildly on a horse, then some intense housework. Of course it’s important to look good on ‘those days’, as it always is, as your appearance is at the end of the day the one thing you can rely on as a woman to make or break your life.