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Anatomy of a Perfect Woman

So. After coming across THIS in misogynist hellhole Men’s Health magazine, I thought I’d do my own version. I bring you: Anatomy of a perfect woman, before and after. 



9 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Perfect Woman

  1. Luckily, I fit the eighth criterion well enough to know that, despite conforming to quite a lot of them (small feet and brown hair yes, but my hips are wide and gorgeous), the remaining ten are also utter nonsense.

  2. You made me laugh and love the changes (and: yes, I’m a man, and I respect all individuals no matter what gender, colour or orientation they are – as long as they are as smart and to-the-point as you.

  3. unfortunately it doesn’t work like this.. Im fairly tall with large boobs and tiny feet and as a result walk like a Neanderthal.

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