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Science 4 Girls

You may or may not remember the European Commission’s atrocious ‘Science, It’s A Girl Thing’ promo video from a few months back. Progressive it was not. Now, a group of Bristol Uni Psychologists have fought back with their own spoof video in response to what they called a ‘demeaning’ attempt on the part of the European Commission to get women into science. It’s witty and hilarious and makes us want to take ALL of them out for several rounds of Gin & Tonics.

4 thoughts on “Science 4 Girls

  1. I’m a scientist and I’ve seen far more air guitar in lab coats than exploding make-up set to party music. Sad how a spoof video is actually more accurate :(

  2. The dancing YES ALL THE DANCING
    [i dance like that]
    thanks for making my day a little brighter!

    [also my captcha word was Abward. I feel like that's some sort of rallying cry - "Abward!]