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The Vagenda 1st Birthday: One Whole Year Of Total Bullshit

This week marked the Vagenda’s first ever birthday (HURRAH!) and in order to celebrate we thought we’d consolidate all the bullshit spotted by our team and our lovely readers and twitter followers over the course of this last year in one place. All of these can be found on our Twitter too, where in most cases the original photographer is credited. Many, many thanks to all the bros and ladybros who sent them in. 
So, without further ado:

22 thoughts on “The Vagenda 1st Birthday: One Whole Year Of Total Bullshit

  1. Image 3, the American Apparel (nearly threw up on the screen with that one, can’t believe they can get away with a practically nude woman on the advert), the engagement image (where is this from? It’s revolting) and the femfresh crap. They all need to be taken outside and shot

  2. Um, did anyone else notice that in the anal advice column the columnist said that men get pleasure from anal play because their PITUITARY GLAND is located there? That level of stupidity and poor editing almost made me forget how horribly offensive these images are. Wait, never mind. They’re all still terrible. The engagement ring ad really bothered me.

  3. Urgh, just all of them, urgh. That last American Apparel one is just awful. Is that even legal to use as an advert?

    If you’re still adding to the year of total bullshit, this advert for pink lucozade was in Reading station a while ago:

  4. The majority of these are undeniably awful. In addition to the McCoys ‘Man Crisps’ thing, I always get pissed off by the Yorkie chocolate bar ‘For Men’ tagline, and make sure to always buy one with a defiant glare at the cashier. However, some of these don’t seem particularly sexist to me – what’s wrong with the Pizza Express advert? There’s no gender-specific element to it, it’s just targeting anyone who wants to lose weight.

  5. The picture of the naked woman covered in bags and shoes is so vile :( Although did laugh out loud at the ridiculous mothers’ day one- toilet gel is definitely the ‘perfect gift’ for any occasion. And all the Cosmo sex tips are hilarious, but especially the doughnut one. SO much bullshit!!!

  6. I thought the patriotic pads were quite cool actually. Although surely they couldn’t get the blood to go in lines to make look like the American flag? I guess the idea only really works for women in Japan…

  7. Most of these are pretty infuriating. However I’m not sure why a poster advertising women’s rugby is offensive. Surely getting women involved in sports they haven’t tried before is a positive thing?

  8. Isn’t what you’re doing exactly what was intended when Yorkie started that campaign? Wouldn’t a more defiant act be to not buy their product because of the sexist tag line? Sure buy the Yorkie or the McCoys because you like to eat them, but don’t think that by doing this you’re showing them who’s boss.

  9. Saving up for fucking Botox? Are you shitting me? I would never, ever suggest fire-bombing anywhere but I’d be seriously interested in precisely where it was that didn’t ought to be attacked.

  10. The Japanese flag is white with a red circle in the middle. At least they actually say that we bleed red instead of using blue liquid like many other adverts for pads. Some of these are so disgustingly sexist I’m headdesking ’til I pass out.

  11. I love the ‘How to cure a feminist’ article! Hilarious.

    And I love the fact that Louise Mensch actually replied to the article about her (I also really hope she read it).

    Thanks Vagenda.

  12. With the Pizza Express ad- the one referring to weight loss was sent to women only, whereas the adventurous one was sent to men.

    Because all women are fat and hate adventures.

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  14. Pituitary gland? Near the anal region?? Guess my 8 years of medical training were wrong all this time…