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3 thoughts on “Wanted: Post-Pregnancy Glamour Puss for Femail Feature

  1. I think we should all submit similar stories – that sounds like more of a ‘fun feature’ to me! Although no doubt it’ll be a feature in its own right one of these days. The Daily Mail makes me sad.

  2. I witnessed a birth recently.

    The lady in question had gone into labor early and was so pleased that she had been to the beautician earlier in the week to get ‘everything neatened up’ for us. Obviously if this is something that needs to happen for you to feel confident etc I guess, sure…but a porn star style approach to your lady area is not a prerequisite for getting the job done.

    I find the idea of a prebirth makeover hilarious, how about wearing makeup? Would you reapply it just after starting Stage 2? You’re likely to sweat it off anyway.

    There is nothing glamorous about birth.