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Dear Spanish Advertising Agency, Tampons are NOT Sex Props, K Thanx.

Tampons: a turn on? You’d think so from looking at this Spanish advert, which carries the slogan “Este verano, mojate” (This Summer, get wet). 
For too long have men not found women’s sanitary products sexy! Behold, a brave new world, wherein every trip to the toilet can be a turn on, every few hours happily giving the opportunity to indulge! Thank you, Tampax, for opening men’s (and admittedly my), naive eyes to this whole new frontier of human sexuality.
At least, this is what the new Tampax Pearl advert for Spain seems to suggest. Woman arrives at pool. Men turn and look, are seemingly desirous of her/her sweets. Man takes tampon/sweet from woman’s handbag. Woman makes his hand into a vagina, shows him how to insert tampon, employs her best sex eyes. Woman clicks her fingers, the tampon disappears, and she jumps into the pool. That was better than a strawberry lace. The men are impressed. One of them eats a leaf. The woman is wet.
Seriously, what on earth is going on here? So many questions! Why isn’t she bothered about someone rifling through her handbag? Does his hand become her vagina? Did that tampon magically just lodge itself inside her? Should men be getting much more involved with the insertion of our sanitary products? Would that be pleasurable? Why is he eating a leaf? Is no part of our existence safe from the advertiser’s sexualisation? Where will this end??!! HERE?
- PK


4 thoughts on “Dear Spanish Advertising Agency, Tampons are NOT Sex Props, K Thanx.

  1. A stupid ex of mine kept trying to cheer me up about smear tests by insisting that I’d probably enjoy it. He’s probably now working for this ad company.

  2. I went for my first smear test the other week. I discovered something new about myself. If someone is looking into my vagina and doing stuff with medical instruments in my vagina and she is talking to me normally as if we’re just chatting over a cup of tea- I WILL laugh. Loudly.