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4 thoughts on “These Images Show Just How Hard Won The Vote Was for Women (and Why You Should Vote on May 7)

  1. I’m an American and I got in trouble for growing a type of fungus (on the court papers it says “hallucinogenic plant,” and I just want to Yell At them, “not a plant it’s a fungus!) that The government frowns upon. The irony is, I got ratted out to the police by a guy wanted to possess me in every sense of the word and whom I refused. Looks Like you ladies will have to continue the fight without me because I am disenfranchised in my country!
    TL;DR American disenfranchised because she wouldn’t comply with a man’s wishes.

  2. 16 only reminds us of a fraction of much despised ‘women’s work.’ Funny how that highlighted it and yet these posters tried to prove how women didn’t work as hard as men. 17 just looks like a prototype for today’s forced blowjob porn