The Vagenda Book

Paperback out now!


Vagenda cover

Here’s what our lovely publishers have to say about it:

“As students, Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett and Holly Baxter spent a lot of time laughing at magazine pieces entitled things like ’50 Sex Tips to Please Your Man’. Particularly the ones that encouraged bringing baked goods into the bedroom, or instructed on how to remove cellulite from your arse using coffee granules. They laughed at the ridiculous ‘circles of shame’ detailing minor weight fluctuations of female celebs, or the shocking presence of armpit hair. But when they stopped laughing, they started to feel a bit uneasy. Was this relentless hum about vajazzles, fat removal and sex tips just daft, at worst a bit patronising – or was something more disturbing going on? Was it time to say No? They thought so. So they launched The Vagenda blog in 2012, and now they have written this laugh-out-loud book. It is a brilliantly bolshy call to arms for girls and women of all ages: Caitlin Moran asked ‘How to be a Woman’. The Vagenda asks real women everywhere to demand a media that reflects who we actually are.”